Nuvoola Awarded Contract from Transport Canada to Provide Visibility on Transport of Dangerous Goods

Nuvoola is pleased to announce that it has been chosen by Transport Canada to provide visibility on the movement of dangerous goods. Nuvoola will leverage traffic video cameras to identify Dangerous Goods (DG) placards on commercial vehicles using computer vision.

The government of Canada was seeking innovative solutions to quantify the percentages of commercial vehicles transporting dangerous goods by road in the Peel Region in southwestern Ontario, an area that includes many high-population municipalities. The government’s requirements include the ability to gather, analyze and annotate video footage from existing traffic camera feeds and to develop a basic DG placard recognition model.

Nuvoola’s solution collects data from traffic cameras to identify placards and their associated class of dangerous goods and will summarize the amount of dangerous goods, by class, that is in transit on a given route, in an intelligent dashboard.

The Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Program serves as the major source of regulatory development, information and guidance on dangerous goods transport for the public, industry and government employees. Providing up-to-date knowledge of where dangerous goods are being transported by commercial vehicles will help the TDG provide more effective oversight of the industry.

About Nuvoola

Nuvoola is a SaaS Enterprise solution provider that drives operational performance through automation and real-time visibility. The company transforms video, voice and data into actionable intelligence that leads to informed decision-making. The solution automates processes thanks to their expertise in machine learning, cloud services and industrial IoT.