NUVOOLA AI joins Canada’s Loadlink Technologies new marketplace as a preferred partner to promote its RSV Road Shipment Visibility and Interactive Kiosks Gate Operating Systems. NUVOOLA AI offers Innovative SaaS Solution for Supply Chains offering Real-time Insight & Visibility into Logistics Operations.

Montreal, Canada – Sept 18, 2023 – Nuvoola Inc., a Montreal-based artificial intelligence firm, is joining the new Loadlink Technologies marketplace as a Preferred Partner for its RSV Road Shipment Visibility and Interactive Kiosk solutions. Loadlink Technologies develops solutions and products that helps carriers and brokers to win more business and has an impressive network of partners and clients, with over 19,500 members. NUVOOLA AI offers innovative Cloud-based SaaS solutions for supply chain providing real-time insight & visibility into logistics operations. The partnership aimsto commercialize Nuvoola AI’sinnovative RSV Road Shipment Visibility and Interactive Kiosk solutions designed for distribution centers and transportation yard and terminal operations. NUVOOLA AI’s Interactive Gate Operating System named IGOR automates driver and vehicle identification, reducing check-in time while providing secure access to the site. Installed at the gate, IGOR is a self-serve gate operation system that lets drivers identify themselves and tells them where to go next. It creates detailed logs of entries and exits by automatically capturing truck, trailer, and container IDs as well as plate numbers. The kiosks are equipped with camera-vision capabilities, multi-identification features including digital print pads and facial comparison, communication interface, RFID and Bar-code scanning to collect and store digitized data in real-time. Loadlink Technologies has recently launched its own marketplace as part of their Partnership Program where partners can promote their business to 1000s of potential customers through the Loadlink Network. Loadlink Technologies has partnered with market leaders across different industries that serves the trucking sector in Canada.

About Nuvoola AI Nuvoola AI is a SaaS Enterprise solution provider that drives operational performance through automation and real-time visibility. The solution automates processes thanks to their expertise in machine learning, cloud services and industrial IoT.

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