Looking for your next challenge ?


At Nuvoola, we are innovators, with expertise extending to AI and more specifically computer vision, natural language processing and data prediction.

Our mission is to drive operational performance by automating processes and freeing workers from repetitive and tedious tasks so they can be reassigned to more strategic priorities. 

colleagues talking in an office looking over their laptops in an open concept office


Nuvoola offers a stimulating work environment and the opportunity to work on state-of-the-art projects. For example, during COVID-19, Nuvoola dedicated a large part of its workforce to develop a health screening solution that keeps healthcare staff and patients safe.
Nuvoola offers professional development and continuing education with access to international conferences, benefits after 3 months providing excellent coverage as well sophisticated work equipment and the possibility to work remotely.

Let’s work together

Our team is diverse and talented and we benefit from each other’s skills through close collaboration with each other, and our customers. We are experts, always on the lookout for the best technology and ideas. We try new things, learn fast, and focus on outcomes. Creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship mean we can embrace the leading edge.