About Nuvoola

Who we are

At Nuvoola, we are innovators, with expertise in turning video, voice and data in actionable intelligence. 

We are on a mission to automate the most mundane tasks and increase operational efficiencies, our team understands your industry, organization and context, so we can consistently create measurable value. We are also local, offering personalized, on-site, bilingual support in Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova-Scotia and Ontario. Internationally we work with leading delivery partners to ensure multinational projects and services are efficiently delivered and managed.

Our Mission

…is to drive operational performance by automating processes and freeing workers from repetitive and tedious tasks so they can be reassigned to more strategic priorities.


We use AI to transform video, voice and data into actionable intelligence, delivering operational efficiency. 


Our unique vision and approach has attracted a team of technical experts in AI, machine learning, and data science, backed by leaders with senior executive and C-Level experience. With backgrounds in all major industry segments and proven track records building world class-organizations, we understand how to run an agile, innovative organization with delivery capabilities that scale to support tier-1 enterprises. Bring us to the table and we can innovate with you. Together we have the ability to develop and deliver lasting results, quickly.

Martin Renière

Founder and CEO

Yann Brisebois

Chief Financial Officer

Christian Jean

Director, AI Product Delivery & Customer Success

Raymond Goulet

AI Product Owner

Jean-Marc Taillon

Chief Operating Officer

Photo Patrice Boies

Patrice Boies

VP, Business Development and Partnerships

Jenny-Line Langlois

Director, HR

Pierre Pelletier

Director, Strategic Growth

Our Technology partners

Our expertise, unbiased partnerships, and unique innovation strategy enable us to be your trusted partner of choice. Certified Partnerships with AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) mean that we can uniquely support you in achieving your business objectives.

We keep your options open. Our partnerships with digital technology vendors including Red Hat, Mongo DB and Nvidia allow us to develop cloud-agnostic, portable solutions and services offering business flexibility and the advantages of the cloud, without lock-in.

Our AI research partners

Our strategic partnerships

Our Business Partners

Let’s work together

Our team is diverse and talented and we benefit from each other’s skills through close collaboration with each other, and our customers. We are experts, always on the lookout for the best technology and ideas. We try new things, learn fast, and focus on outcomes. Creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship mean we can embrace the leading edge.