Gate Operating Systems Interactive Kiosks

Improve Gate Operations and Supply Chain Fluidity

Nuvoola’s Interactive Gate Operating System (IGOR) automates driver and vehicle identification, reducing check-in time while providing secure access to the site. Installed at the gate, IGOR is a self-serve gate operation system that lets drivers identify themselves and tells them where to go next. It creates detailed logs of entries and exits by automatically capturing truck, trailer and container IDs as well as plate numbers.
With IGOR, you improve traffic flow onto your premises and boost throughput rate. You’ll also save valuable time by using IGOR’s simple yet effective method of controlling entry/exit points across different site.

Choose from IGOR FX, a model that comes with a fixed height for truck drivers to check in without leaving their trucks, or IGOR FX with a state-of-the-art lift system that adjusts the height of the kiosk based on the vehicle.

An Innovative Lift System for All Vehicles

Through its cameras, IGOR LFT sees a vehicle approaching, recognizes it and adjusts the height of the screen to be within reach of the driver seated in the vehicle. The built-in touchscreen can be as low as 36 inches off the ground and can be raised to 96 inches from the ground, high enough for most truck drivers.

Built for all types of weather conditions, IGOR LFT maintains an optimal temperature to function in both winter and summer.

How IGOR Works

IGOR is designed to make life easier for drivers and logistic coordinators. Using advanced technology, IGOR interacts as soon as a driver arrives, quickly gathering information and recognizing them as they pull up.


  • At the driver’s arrival at the gate, it adjusts the height of its screen to be within reach of the driver.
  • The system begins gathering information to identify the driver and the truck, chassis, trailer or container using advanced technology to read company logo, bar or QR code, fingerprint, or RFID.
  • Identity is confirmed using a RFID scanner, digital print pads or facial comparison technology by matching it with the information provided during check-in.
  • Access is granted and the system then provides personalized instructions on exactly where the driver should go.


Automated check-in and gate control powered by AI

RFID/Bar code scanning

Real-time tracking of truck or trailer movements

Multi-identification including digital print pads, facial comparison and more

Collection and storing of digital data

Communication interface


Improving gate operations and enhancing supply chain fluidity can offer a multitude of advantages to businesses and the overall logistics ecosystem. Firstly, streamlining gate operations can significantly reduce congestion and waiting times at entry points, thereby increasing overall efficiency. This translates into reduced costs, as idle time for trucks and workers is minimized, leading to savings in labor and fuel expenses. Additionally, a smoother flow of goods through the gate can improve customer satisfaction by ensuring timely deliveries and reducing the risk of stockouts.

Increased efficiency

Speeds up the check-in process for truck drivers, reducing wait times.

Improved security:

Advanced security features confirm the identity of truck drivers and ensure that only authorized personnel have access to the terminal or yard.

Enhanced communication

Allows drivers to communicate with terminal or yard personnel, in case of any issues or delays, problems can be resolved more quickly and efficiently.

Cost savings

Lowers costs associated with labour and security in terminals and manufacturing and distribution centres.

Enhanced Reporting and Analytics

Provides access to real-time and historical data, such as gate activity, truck movements, and dwell times. This data can be used to improve operations and performance.

Real-time tracking

Track the arrival and departure times of drivers, as well as their locations, to monitor and improve driver behaviour and reduce the risk of lost or stolen cargo.

Improved customer service

Provide access to the terminal or yard quickly and easily improving driver-experience and reducing the need for terminal or yard personnel to be involved in the check-in process.

Easy integration

Integrates with existing systems including vehicle authentication, inventory management, route optimization, maintenance scheduling invoicing and more.


Includes a touchscreen, cameras, speaker and a microphone for assistance and can be customized to include different components based on your needs.