An Intelligent Self-Service Kiosk

Increased demand for more self-serve solutions has been fueled by recent events such as the pandemic and labour shortages.

It’s time to automate manual tasks to relieve pressure on your front staff, increase customer satisfaction and streamline your services with a secure and privacy-friendly self-service solution.

Why go with self-serve solution?

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Enhance your operations

Allow your visitors to perform certain tasks and transactions on their own without having to wait in line or book an appointment. Using self-service kiosks allows you to optimize your operations.

Optimize labour


With self-service solutions, you can relieve pressure on your front staff and have them focus on added value tasks instead.

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Increase satisfaction


Self-service solutions reduce long waiting times and make services more accessible. You can increase both customer and employee satisfaction.

A modern solution for
increased efficiency

  • Full customizable with easy content updates
  • Multilingual
  • Accessible
  • “Need assistance?” feature
  • Multiple ID verification options including ID cards, fingerprints, signature pad and facial recognition
  • Easy integration with current management platforms
  • Contactless or touchscreen
  • Secure underlying infrastructure

A secure underlying  infrastructure on aws

Nuvoola’s solutions run on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure. As a market leader in cloud security, AWS works with over 20 government agencies to elevate security in the cloud with global security and compliance controls, full visibility and the highest standards for privacy and data security.

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