Nuvoola offers a suite of solutions for transport companies struggling with these common supply chain and logistics challenges.

Does this sound familiar? If so, solutions exits.

  • You don’t know what is on the premises at any given time and where inventory is located
  • You spend too much time searching for containers or trailers in the yard
  • Drivers wait too long and you spend too much money on dwell time
  • You worry about the security of your yard
  • You have rising cost of fines from non-compliance with TDG regulations



Our AI-powered solutions provide real-time benefits

Woman on a tablet in a yard

Digitized and centralized information

Improve operational efficiency by automating processes. Digitize and centralize information to accelerate the flow of information.

Woman on a tablet in a yard

Real-time visibility on entries and exits

Use computer vision to gain real-time visibility on what is entering and exiting your premises at all times.

Placard on a truck transporting dangerous goods

Ensure compliance for TDG

Ensure compliance with government regulations and lower any risks associated with transporting dangerous goods.

A full suite of solutions to automate, digitize and optimize port operations

Interactive gate operation kiosks

IGOR is a self-serve kiosk for the gate that identifies drivers and vehicles and provides secured access to your site.

    • Intelligent recognition of shipment, trucks and trailer identification
    • Touchless self-serve kiosk to transport companies to perform identification and registration tasks on their own.
    • Instructs drivers where to go reducing congestion and dwell time.
Dashboard of gate activities

LUKE AI  for Road shipment visibility (RSV)

LUKE AI for RSV is a low effort, high impact solution that provides real-time visibility into the whole yard.

  • Digitize and centralize information including entry logs, proofs of delivery and more.
  • Full visibility on yard operations across multiple sites
  • Sends instant alerts about tailgating and other security breaches

LUKE AI  for Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG)

LUKE AI for TDG uses computer vision to capture data and improve security and compliance when transporting dangerous goods.

  • Identifies classes of dangerous goods placards on trucks
  • Captures and shares data to a customized dashboard
  • Confirms proper placement of placards to ensure compliance
Nuvoola patten technology LUKEAI