Automate your entire

health screening process

An Intelligent Health Screening & Protection Solution

LUKE AI for Health Screening & Protection (HSP) helps prevent the spread of Covid-19 and other flu-like diseases in your organization. Our solution allows you to pre-screen employees, residents and visitors before arrival and alerts you when a risk is detected.

How it works

Before arrival

Everyone who needs access to your property can answer an online questionnaire before their arrival

Upon arrival

Upon arrival, the voice-interactive touchless kiosk asks questions to confirm the person’s identity and symptoms

Temperature is taken automatically with a thermal camera

If no symptoms are detected, entry is granted


Administrators have access to paperless comprehensive logs help maintain compliance with government regulations

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A modern solution to
health risk management

  • Pre-screening questionnaire for early detection
  • Touchless kiosk with human thermal temperature reading
  • Real-time alerts for rapid response
  • Rapid deployment
  • Multi-factor identification
  • Multi-lingual voice interaction
  • Accurate fever detection

Why choose LUKE AI for HSP?

  • A customizable solution to fit your needs
  • On-demand data and reporting
  • Compliance with ISO and EIC guidelines for accurate fever detection
  • Digitized and centralized data to eliminate paper and manual reporting


How long does it to set up the kiosk?

Once the kiosk is plugged in, it only takes about 10 minutes to deploy. Our professional services team is also available for online support should you require it.

What camera are you using to take the temperature?

LUKE AI for HSP uses a Teledyne DALSA Calibirä infrared camera which provides high resolution for accurate temperature measurement.

What standards is your solution following?

Nuvoola’s health screening solution follows standards set forth by ISO and EIC.

How many people can use the kiosk at once?

For accurate temperature measurement, it is recommended that only one person at a time uses the kiosk.

How long does it take for someone to go through the screening process upon arrival?

It will depend on whether the person has completed the pr-screening questionnaire prior to arriving at the kiosk. If they have completed the questionnaire, it should take 10-15 seconds to go through. If the person has not completed the questionnaire, it should take about 45 seconds to a minute.

What language do you support?

LUKE AI for HSP currently supports English and French but other languages can be added upon request.