Have real-time visibility into
your operations

Streamline your yard operations with
automation and real-time visibility

Real-time visibility and access control solution

Imagine having full visibility on what’s going on your yard, knowing when shipments arrive and leave and where your trailers are located, all with just one quick glance at a dashboard.

LUKE AI MDC is an intelligent real-time visibility and access control solution that streamlines your yard operations thanks to automation and real-time visibility.

Cut costs lowering penalties, limiting dwell times and increasing operational efficiencies.

How it works

Our Saas solution integrates with existing infrastructure to :

Automatically detect inbound and outbound shipments, trucks, trailers, and drivers using your cameras.

Digitize and centralize all information in real-time, including proof of reception, entry logs, proofs of delivery, seal number, and more.

Fast-track your trucks so dwell time and detention time are reduced as well as queuing and line-ups at gates.

Alert you quickly with instant notification about tailgating or other security breaches.

Why choose LUKE AI MDC?

We work with your infrastructure

Easy integration with existing legacy infrastructure
No need to replace your cameras

Customizable dashboard tells you what you need to know

Visibility across all sites and workforces
Real-time alerts allow you to respond immediately

Robust technology you can count on

Built over the years by a team
of multidisciplinary experts
Highest level of security control

“61% of executives report decreased costs and 53% report increased revenues as a direct result of introducing artificial intelligence into their supply chains”
– McKinsey 2019