Protect Your Residents

with the New Automated Health Screening
and Protection Solution

Imagine having no COVID-19 cases in your LTC’s.

A fast and smooth integration with NO service interruption.


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New Health Screening Solution for LTC’s

We help protect your residents and your employees by preventing the spread of Covid-19.

Our solution allows you to pre-screen employees, residents and visitors before arrival and alerts you when a risk is detected

Touchless Kiosk

An interactive kiosk that screens every employees and visitor

Accurate fever detection

A thermal camera automatically takes employees’ and visitors’ body temperature

Fully Bilingual

Employees and visitors can interact with the kiosk in English and French

Real-Time Alerts

Respond and mitigate risks quickly with alerts in real-time

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How does it work ?

Before the arrival

Everyone who needs access to your property can answer an online questionnaire before their arrival

Upon arrival

Upon arrival, the voice-interactive touchless kiosk asks questions to confirm the person’s identity and symptoms

Temperature is taken automatically with a thermal camera

If no symptoms are detected, entry is granted


Administrators have access to comprehensive paperless logs help maintain compliance with government regulations

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