Reliable and Complete Information
On System Resilience

One of the biggest changes to the business landscape over the last twenty years or so has been the significant increase in the level of risk confronting supply chains.

LUKE AI for Supply Chain and Logistics (SCL) provides strategic information and predictive analytics on supply chain velocity, fluidity, and short-term resilience for ports.

Nuvoola’s analytics tools focus on understanding the gateway-wide impacts of events, develop a near-real-time warning system as it relates to specific resilience disruptors and recommend potential actions that could provide guidance to gateway participants in their recovery actions leading to a return to full-scale operations.

Making supply chains more resilient in the post-COVID world

Full Visibility

Have full visibility over what matters. We integrate multiple sources of data and process them to provide you with a complete view of everything that matters, from daily throughput rate to cargo volume over time.

Fluidity Insights

Monitor your site’s performance in real-time thanks to our fluidity dashboard that provides detailed insights on average time variances, gateway cycle time, outbound time, and more.

Resilience analytics

Increase your ability to react to disruptive events and to recover from them without significant impacts on your operations and customers’ timelines. Our resilience module uses predictive analytics to alert you of potential disruptions and identifies gateway-wide responses.

Ensure business continuity

Thanks to Nuvoola’s near-real-time warning system related to specific resilience disruptors, you can take proactive action to prevent disruptions and return to full-scale operations.

Be more competitive

Our solution provides actionable intelligence to minimize the impacts of disruptors on ports’ activities so they can reduce financial impacts and remain competitive.

Increase satisfaction

Don’t let external events slow down your activities. Minimize the impacts of events, avoid delays and increase customer satisfaction.

Gathering and analyzing multiple sources of data

  • Transport Canada A6, A6A Forms
  • Vessels capacity (TEU) and on-time performance
  • Tonnage / TEU
  • Berth Performance
  • Dwell Times
  • Rail Car Footage
  • Sales Forecast
  • Real-Time Traffic Data
  • Environment Canada Data
  • And more
Nuvoola patten technology LUKEAI


LUKE AI for MDC is an intelligent process optimization solution meant to automate gate operations and increase logistics efficiency. Easily integrated into existing camera infrastructure, the solution uses machine vision to digitize and centralize information in real-time such as the arrivals and departures of trucks, trailers, and containers.