Nuvoola’s SaaS automated enterprise solution for Train Shipment Visibility (TSV) captures rail car information such as railcar, container ID, TGD placards, and more, in real-time.

The solution logs all the information into a centralized dashboard and identifies issues so they can be addressed as the train leaves the yard. With early identification, the system ensures compliance before checkpoints or border crossings where train crews may have to remove one or more offending railcars. Proactive resolution of these issues mitigates the risk of fines, loss of time, potential injuries to staff or loss of license.

Improve insight and visibility

Know whether the train manifest matches the manifests from shippers. Confirm that the rail cars are in the proper order in the train. Validate that each railcar has the correct identification and placards and matches the cargo manifest.

Lower risk

Reduce the risk of non-compliance at the yard instead of checkpoints and border crossings. Limit the chance of being stopped for more thorough inspections or stops and avoid fines and other penalties.

E-manifests are created and sent to personnel who can take action immediately.

Dashboard of gate activities

Control excessive speeding

Identify trains that leave the yard at unacceptable speeds and lower the risk of derailment. Reduce penalties for speeding or loss of license.

How it works

LUKE AI for TSV uses automation, computer vision and artificial intelligence to ensure compliance and produce detailed e-manifests.

The solution uses a camera at the gate as the train is leaving the rail yard to capture all the rail cars as they leave.

The information captured by the camera is then matched to the train manifest already entered into LUKE and an alert is created if the two documents do not match.

A message is then sent to the rail company dispatchers calling for immediate action.

It also captures all the placards on the rail cars to ensure compliance with regulations regarding the transport of dangerous goods and can even detect if the speed of the train is not according to train dispatching orders as it leaves the rail yard.

Why choose LUKE AI for TSV?

No equipment to replace

No need to replace your cameras or change legacy infrastructure. Integration is simple and quick.

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E-manifests tell you what you need to know

Get real-time information as the train leaves the yard so you can take action quickly and mitigate risks.


Proven technology you can rely on

Created and tested over time by a team of multidisciplinary experts. Highest lest of security control (SOC 3, ISO, PCI, CSA)