Gain MORE visibility on the
transport of dangerous goods

Safe transport of dangerous goods requires visibility and real-time data

The transport of dangerous goods (TDG) requires extra precautions to lower the risk of accidents that can injuries and property damage.

LUKE AI for TDG is a SaaS enterprise solution that uses computer vision to identify the types of dangerous goods being transported on the road with up to 99.7% accuracy. The system integrates with existing cameras already installed on a transport company’s premises and validates that the right placards are in the right place. The data is recorded and shared to a custom dashboard that provides up-to-date visibility metrics and opportunities to improve security and compliance. In case of a problem, notifications are sent to alert the relevant employees before the truck leaves the yard. The system captures data with up to 99.7% accuracy.

Nuvoola’s solution includes a self-serve kiosk that uses automated document processing and allows drivers to validate their training certificates and any TDG-related documentation required. This further ensures that everything is in order so the driver and the transport company can address potential issues immediately.

Improve control and visibility

Using existing cameras, LUKE AI for TDG reliably identifies the placards on commercial vehicles linking them to the classes of dangerous goods being transported and assesses proper placement and the number of signage as required by the regulations.

Automate processes

Nuvoola’s customized dashboard provides valuable information in real-time, helping automate inventory management and other tasks. The self-serve kiosk automates site access and reduces the time spent identifying drivers and goods so security guard costs can be minimized.

Dashboard of gate activities

Ensure compliance

LUKE AI allows you to lower the risks associated with non-compliance of TDG regulations, such as fines and penalties for missing placards, improper placement of placards, missing driver certifications, and more. In addition to penalties, trucks can be red flagged which leads to loss of time due to more frequent inspections

How it works

The transport company identifies the types of dangerous goods to be transported and assigns a driver. When the truck arrives at the gate, LUKE AI for TDG uses a camera at the gate to ensure the correct placards are on the truck in the proper position, along with license plates, identification numbers of the truck, trailers and containers, and any other identification required.

This information is transmitted to a customized dashboard and sent to the appropriate parties. If any problems are detected, an alert is sent before the truck leaves so steps can be taken to correct the issues.

The driver uses the self-serve kiosk to provide his training certification and any other TDG-related documentation that is required. When this information is captured at the kiosk, it is verified according to what has been entered into the system by the dispatcher. Only when everything is in compliance is the truck allowed to leave the yard.

Why choose LUKE AI for TDG?

We work with your infrastructure

Easy integration with existing legacy infrastructure
No need to replace your cameras

Customizable dashboard tells you what you need to know

Timely and up-to-date information identifies potential risks, promotes safety and ensures compliance. Inventory management and other tasks are automated in real-time to save time and reduce errors.


Robust technology you can count on

Built over the years by a team
of multidisciplinary experts
Highest level of security control