Have real-time visibility into
your operations

Streamline your yard operations with
automation and real-time visibility

Real-time Insight & Visibility into Logistics Operations

We improve operational efficiency in yards and terminals by automating processes, providing real-time insight and visibility into logistics operations.

LUKE AI for Manufacturing and Distribution Center (MDC) is a Saas enterprise solution comprised of a reservation system for carriers to schedule their time of arrival, an automated check-in and security process for truck drivers as well as an intelligent dashboard that displays operational insights and performance indicators.

Self-Serve Reservation System

Optimize your operation logistics and increase dock workers’ productivity with our self-serve reservation feature allowing carriers and shippers to schedule their time of arrival.

Automated Gate Operations

Grant access or secure your facilities automatically thanks to contactless self-serve kiosk that can identify drivers and vehicles, provide secured access to the site and tell the driver where to do, reducing gate congestion and dwell time.

Dashboard of gate activities

Intelligent Operational Dashboards

Quickly identify opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Our solution generates operational performance indicators in real-time via customizable multi-site dashboards.

How it works

Our Saas solution integrates with existing infrastructure to :

Allow carriers to make appointment requests so you can optimize your operation logistics and increase dock workers’ productivity.

Automatically detect inbound and outbound shipments, trucks, trailers, and containers using your cameras.

Digitize and centralize all information in real-time, including purchase orders, entry logs, seal numbers, and temperature readings.

Automate your gate operations with a self-serve kiosk that drivers can use to identify themselves, be granted access to the site and be told where to go next. 

Fast-track your trucks so dwell time and detention time are reduced as well as queuing and line-ups at gates.

Alert you quickly with instant notification about tailgating or other security breaches.

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A low-effort solution that brings high-impact results

Gain full visibility on yard operations, simultaneously across multiple sites

Reduce the potential for theft of merchandise

Improve the flow of information and efficiency in your yard

Cut truck on-site time and costs by more than 50%

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Reduce gate congestion and dwell time

With real-time performance indicators and multi-site dashboards

Why choose Nuvoola?

We work with your infrastructure

Easy integration with existing legacy infrastructure
No need to replace your cameras

A single view over your operations

Visibility across all sites and workforces
Real-time alerts allow you to respond immediately

Robust technology you can count on

As a Select AWS parnters, we offer the highest level of security control

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